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Hi guys! I'm a published author.
The journey towards this has been quite long and fraught with insecurities, but here I am...proof that anyone can achieve anything.

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Thanks guys!


Message to the Pre-Intern: If you allow it, this Period can be the best period of your life! Why didn’t anyone tell us that this period could be the best period of our lives? Why didn’t anyone tell me that I could absolutely enjoy this time, walking through each day like they are all presents given to me by God, deeply appreciating him for the grace of freedom at this period in my life? I have learned not only how to earn money, but also how to be financially accountable I have learned to treat my gift as a business I have learned to value and cherish my family members, something I wasn’t able to truly learn while I was in school I have learned not to overlook the ‘little’, the ‘insignificant’. I have learned to wake up each morning anticipating the goodies of the day, to go to bed feeling fulfilled that once again, I have put my talents to good use I have learned that there is life outside school, outside medicine, outside what I have ever known. I have learned that each moment holds its own…


Week 2
Message to the Pre-Intern: don’t lose hope! Week 2, for me, was 2 months post-induction. This was when the wait began to sink in. You mean I’ve been home for two whole months? By now, I was literally chewing on my fingernails. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t scared of getting a space, but I certainly wasn’t confident about any place anymore. That is when I began to write this book. Today is the 12th of September and I sit at the dining table in my parents’ house, typing at 11:27pm (because well, I have an editing job to finish up, but mostly because I don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow morning). If I don’t want to, I don’t even have to take a bath tomorrow morning because well, I can stay indoors all day! (I most likely will stay indoors, except for those few minutes when I step out to buy hot akara for my akamu). I am spent. You know, I have applied to a couple of places now. Let me start with the first: LS Health Service Commission At the State Health service commission to which I ap…

WANNABE INTERN: The Beginning of the End; the End of the Beginning

Week 1 It is neither the beginning nor the end; but rather, it’s the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning. You thought it was over? Nope, it just started. I left medical school! On the 7th of July, 2017; I was inducted into the medical profession with so much finesse. You know that feeling you get when you are finally able to accomplish something, great right? Although the celebration seemed larger than life to me (I mean, who are all these people eating my rice?), I managed to get through it- because my kind of celebration is really in a quiet place, by a beach or you know, some really somber place with chocolate and ice cream, and maybe one or two Netflix series (ah ah). I could smell so many opportunities in the air, you know. I was sure that I would have started housemanship by September- dead sure. In fact, I already had a couple of leads and I was simply waiting to get my ‘papers’ ready- my MDCN documents. Getting space wasn’t something I pondered over; I felt it wasn’…


Hello guys!!! Its been such a long time, miss me? Between the last time I posted on my blog and now, so much has happened, some of which I'd be sharing with you all.I'm unveiling a new blog post series titled 'Wannabe Intern'.By the time this series is published on my blog, I must have started my housemanship/ internship (or it will be the first week of January 2018), but I am writing it anyway, because I hope it helps someone, I hope it guides someone along their path and gives them hope (Damn, why am I using the word ‘hope’ so much?). I certainly hope you can relate to it and laugh through it as well! Dark comes before the light. You’ll be tempted to give up, don’t do it! P.S: (This particular step might or might not be fun for you, depending on your fun radar and if you think it’s cool to laugh about yourself and stuff). Get a notebook, as there’ll be work sessions after each day’s devotional styled article. The goal is not just to get you to start housemanship, but…
Hey guys!
November is here already. Here's wishing you a great month, with lots of love;



‘Mum, who called you this time again?’ I finally asked.
‘Oh… Charles, that’s what matters to you now right. What matters to you is if it’s Prophet Jabesh or Prophet Judas that called me?’
Then I burst into laughter. I can’t help but wonder why these prophets must bear names as Judas, Jabesh…if you know, you know.
Then she changed it for me straight up.
‘Charles, why exactly are you laughing? You know I get scared anytime you get close to that girl and you know that I am at the risk of having stroke with the way my blood pressure rises in little situations.’
There she goes again. My mum gets little information on health precautions and that’s the end. We hear nothing else save what she has learnt in the house for about at least a month. She subscribes to all sorts of health tips on her network and then tries to confirm her newly found information from me.
She has several facts on why eating eba, using an onion bulb that has been cut once and used again is wrong, why she should …